Monday, November 28, 2011

create database applications using Visual Basic 6.0

create database applications using Visual Basic 6.0

Student Database Applications Using Visual Basic 6.0 and Ms. Access
Okay this time we will discuss about the simple application using Visual Basic 6.0 using MS database. Acces. Surely already know much about VB aka Visual Basic, the language program that may not be too complicated if emang want to learn more on the inside. . .

Okay immediately wrote the first reply we have to prepare a visual basic program or the software first, you can download here

Once we have a visual basic program or software, let's make his first accses database. I do not explain how to create a database with Ms. Access here. Okay immediately wrote a database created with a name who you want and create a table named 'student' if you want to change it please,
IISI table with who you want to be like NPM, name, class, courses, lecturers etc.. . .
click save as and save it with the name of who you want, in order to more easily create folders
New for this project. . .
Okay now we've got Ms. database. Access to the name of who you created above.

Next we open the Visual Basic and then select standard exe to a form, then click on the Project menu and add modules as shown below. . .

Now enter the code in the module below. . .
Option Explicit
Public DB As New ADODB.Connection
Public RS As New ADODB.Recordset
Public No As String
Public Sub mainx()
On Error Resume Next
If Dir(App.Path & "\database.mdb") = "" Then
    MsgBox "File ''" & App.Path & "\database.mdb''" & " Not Exist" & vbCrLf & _
           "Please Re-Install It !", 0 + vbExclamation, "Database tidak ditemukan"
End If

If DB.State = adStateOpen Then
End If
DB.Open "DSN=MS Access Database;DBQ=" & App.Path & "\database.mdb;DefaultDir=" & App.Path & ";DriverId=25;FIL=MS Access;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTimeout=5;UID=admin;"
End Sub
What I paint the blue is the name of Ms. database. Access to our store earlier.
The module is completed we make now form his first, let's start the design.
Display design, which easiest wrote do not own a hardest.

above is the example of the design. . .
- Input student data using the labels, text and command button.
- Search also uses labels, text and command button.
- List of students using mhsflexgrid.

please never developed, if you like clay samples above please download the file below. Sorry I could not write a full tutorial because not enough time to be shorted. May be useful. . .



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